Kinesiology is a holistic approach to assessing and addressing movement-related issues. Kinesiologists use various techniques to identify imbalances, weaknesses, and dysfunctions in the body's movement patterns.

How does Kinesiology Taping work?

Kinesiology includes manual muscle testing, joint mobilization, exercise prescription, and lifestyle modifications. The goal of kinesiology treatment is to restore optimal movement function, enhance performance, and prevent future injuries. Kinesiology treatment can be beneficial for a wider range of conditions, including sports injuries, chronic pain, postural imbalances, and neurological disorders.

Which conditions benefit from Kinesiology?

Muscle sprains

Ligament strains


Joint swelling

Low muscle tone

Muscle weakness


Rheumatoid arthritis



Post-fracture support

Growing pains in adolescents

Poor posture

…and more

What are the benefits of Kinesiology?

Increased range of motion

Improved function

Decreased oedema

Supported sore muscles

Stabilized injuries

Prolonged physical therapy

Relieved swelling

Decreased pain

Improvement in quality of life

How does this process work?

We’re glad you asked! Before we get started, we’ll have you obtain a detailed health history from your doctor or therapist. During our first consultation, we’ll start by getting to know you—any health-related problems, needs, concerns, goals, and more. From there, we’ll perform an examination, do tests, and develop a working diagnosis. Depending on your condition, we usually start treatment right away! Together, we’ll create a management plan and monitor your progress, so you can get back to doing what you love most.

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