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Ashley is a dedicated professional in the health and wellness industry with a passion for enhancing lives through movement and rehabilitation. Ashley embarked on her journey in health at the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT), where she earned her Wellness Practitioner Certification, specializing in massage services.

In 2010, Ashley's commitment to holistic well-being led her to pursue additional online education, earning certifications as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. This diverse skill set allowed her to gain invaluable experience working with a wide range of clients, setting the stage for her evolution into the field of Kinesiology.Having graduated from UBCO with a Kinesiology degree in 2019, Ashley continues to deepen her expertise through self-directed research and active participation in ongoing educational courses. Her dedication extends to specialized areas such as women's health, where she has become a certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Coach and a Pelvic Floor & Core Exercise Specialist.

After becoming a mother to two children, Ashley developed a passion for supporting expectant and postpartum women. She is dedicated to educating women on safe exercise practices, taking into account potential pregnancy-related challenges, with the aim of facilitating a faster recovery. Additionally, Ashley provides assistance to women in postpartum rehabilitation, addressing issues such as cesareans, incontinence, back or pelvic pain, and organ prolapse.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ashley's adventurous spirit finds expression in outdoor activities like rock climbing on cliffs, mountain biking on rails, backpacking in alpine landscapes, and carving through slopes on a snowboard. Empathetic, understanding, and relatable, Ashley brings a unique blend of expertise and approachability to her practice, allowing her to connect with her clients while guiding them on their journey to improved well-being.

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ICBC rehabilitation
Pelvic health
Pregnancy and Postpartum Coaching
Exercise injury prevention and rehabilitation
Soft tissue release and massage
Fall assessment and prevention for elderly
Personal Training
Athletic taping

Types of care:

Pregnancy Care/Coaching

Postpartum Care/Coaching

Pelvic Health and Recovery

ICBC Recovery

Additional Training:

Sc Kinesiology, UBC Okanagan 2019
Pelvic Floor and Core Exercise Specialist
Certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Coach
Otago Fall Assessment & Prevention
Level 1 Soft Tissue release
Level 1 NCCP Coach
Wellness Practitioner