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Nicole Funk

Nicole is a health and wellness expert with a passion for helping others achieve their best life.

Born and raised in Burns Lake, a small town in Northern BC, Nicole's love for sports and outdoor activities started at a young age. Growing up with three older sisters in a large Swiss, Canadian family, Nicole and her siblings worked in their parents' Swiss bakery and participated in every sport and activity available to them.

For over 10 years, Nicole lived and worked in Victoria, primarily in health and fitness. She opened gyms at 5 am, trained in the evenings, and enjoyed university life. In 2006, Nicole moved to Penticton with her husband, whom she met in Victoria. She founded a fitness company in 2007, holding various contracts with the city, community center, and PURE gym, and taught outdoor group fitness in Naramata.

In 2020, the pandemic allowed Nicole to take some downtime and reevaluate her career path. As she spent countless hours reading and learning from podcasts and bio-hackers worldwide, Nicole became more passionate about wellness and preventative health. Nicole now offers various modalities and options to take care of your well-being including exercise, saunas, red light therapy, breathwork, brain tap mediation, and health coaching. These services are available in her new Retreat Room, where she helps individuals discover their optimum health through a holistic approach.

Nicole's love for health and wellness is evident in everything she does. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the field make her the perfect partner in your wellness journey. Whether you're looking to boost your fitness levels or achieve better health, Nicole has the expertise to help you reach your goals.

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